Our mission

To promote the transformation of  Chernihiv region into the European one, attractive by form and sustainable in content, based on sustainable development.


With the assistance of NGO “European Chernihiv” Chernihiv region takes on a new face: rising indicators of economic development, improving environmental conditions, increased cultural and tourist attractiveness of the city and the region as a whole. Community Chernihiv observed exponential activity, resulting in Cooperation with government and business and effective social action. Youth Chernihiv through strong public positions, patriotic spirit and intellectual and creative potential of initiating positive change in the community. International relations Chernihiv expanding and entering the world level.


  • Sustainability
  • Social orientation
  • Mutual
  • Confidence
  • Capacity building
  • Active public position
  • Innovation


  1. Chernihiv Intellectual (Chernihiv Strengthening intellectual capacity, raising the legal culture of population of the region, informal learning)
  2. Chernihiv International (Establishing international relations with citizens of European cities)
  3. Chernihiv Sustainable (introduction of innovative and energy-saving technologies, education for sustainable development)
  4. Chernihiv Social (Enhancing public initiatives; volunteering)
  5. Chernihiv Tourism (Promoting tourist attractiveness of the region)
  6. Chernihiv Youth (youth work, international youth mobility)