Chernihiv European


The basis for the formation of the Non-Governmental Organization “Chernihiv European” has been created by a long-term activity of students and teachers of Chernihiv National University of Technology, aimed at promotion of the European values among the students and citizens; improvement of the ecological situation in the city; increasing the students’ legal culture and providing legal assistance to vulnerable groups; support and promotion of youth development; volunteering and promotion of healthy lifestyle.

This has become possible thanks to the whole University community awareness of the important role played by the University in the society today, especially at the regional and at the national level. The first step to this was implementation of the regional project “University in the Life of the City”.

There are two students’ organizations actively working at the University: Students social service and volunteer center “Dovira” (“Trust”). Their main aim is to provide social services for free to vulnerable groups of the society; develop and implement social projects, actions and activities of social animation.

The volunteer center “Dovira” has been functioning for 15 years already. In 2004 volunteers of the center won two nominations in the regional competition “Volunteer of the Year”: for the best social project “Let your Heart do Good” (helping children with limited abilities in Chernihiv regional center of medical-social rehabilitation of children) and for the best volunteer group. In the educational year 2013 – 2014 the center implemented the social educational and training project “University of the Third Age” for single disabled people. For the last year students-volunteers conduct a number of actions to help the soldiers of the ATO, territorial migrants, families of servicemen who are in the combat zone. Today the center is working with territorial social services (provision of social services) of Desnianska Council in Chernihiv, Chernihiv public organization “One volunteer center”, Chernihiv Regional Social Center of Mother and Child “Parents and Baby Together”.

The students’ Social Service has been working since 2006. Among the main directions of its activity are: social and preventive work with adolescents and young people, charity actions, social animation. Volunteers of the service have conducted a number of events to help children, among which are: “My present to you kids”, “Heart to Heart”, “Hryvnia for Luck”, “A Week of Goodness” and other. They also conduct events concerning the prevention of negative phenomena among youth: the action to the Day of fighting HIV/AIDS, Donor Day, Health Day, Week of Sustainable Development. The volunteers organize fleshmobs on social topics as well: “Ukraine United”; “Remembering the Great Poet”, “Thinking of Ukraine”.  The service cooperates with the Chernihiv city center of social services for family, children and youth; the Chernihiv center of social and psychological rehabilitation of children; Municipal Institution “Extracurricular educational institution “Center of work with children and youth in the place of residence” of Chernihiv City Council.

More than 5 years due to the students’ initiative has been functioning the juridical clinic “Adiutorium”, where students of the last years of studying provide legal assistance to vulnerable groups of society for free and have the wonderful possibility to obtain practical skills of a professional lawyer while studying.

The activities of these groups are valuable not only in terms of public benefit, but also in terms of the education of the future elite of the nation, the formation of individuals of high moral and cultural organization.

One of the directions of the University asset activity are systematic measures aimed at helping young professionals to find a workplace. Among the main measures are: monitoring of demand and supply in the labour market; creating databases of vacancies, career guidance meetings of employers, seminars for senior students on job search techniques with the invitation of experts of the Youth Center of Labour and Employers.

A special attention is paid to the students and graduates who are from villages to support their employment for the first working place in their free time and shortly after graduating. With the support of the Youth Center of Labour English classes are held among students, the main aim of which is to improve the communication skills of English for professional purposes.

The Aim and the Objectives of the NGO

The aim of activity of the Non-Governmental Organization “Chernihiv European”: promote the transformation of Chernihiv region into a modern European region on the basis of sustainable development.

The main directions and objectives of the Non-Governmental Organization “Chernihiv European”:

  1. Promotion of European values among the region citizens.
  2. Establishment of international relations with communities from European cities.
  3. Improvement of the investment climate for economic development of the region.
  4. Implementation of innovative, energy-saving technologies in the everyday life of Chernihiv community (schools, VET, HEI, enterprises and organizations).
  5. Support of improvement of the environmental situation in the region.
  6. Project activity.
  7. Support of the development of civil society and independent media.
  8. Improvement of the legal culture of the area population and providing legal assistance to the vulnerable.
  9. Support of youth development.
  10. Volunteerism.
  11. Promotion of healthy lifestyle among the citizens of the region.
  12. Improvement of tourist attractiveness through the actualization of cultural development in the region.